JPromoter – Great SEO Tool for Joomla with SEF implemented is released! Now Even Greater!

Published on Tuesday, 17 April 2007 00:00
Written by Marie
JPromoter v 2.2 is great SEO component that now can generate SEF URLs. JPromoter can generate the URLs like for core Joomla and for any third party Joomla components.
In addition to all features it had the whole list of new ones is implemented:
• Meaningful, database based SEF URLs for any component
• Title reversing on every page
• Edit Meta tags on every page of any component
• Edit Page titles on every page of any component
• Suggest keywords from the page content
• Add useless keywords like (and, so, who, etc...) to block list
• Generates Google sitemap
• SE Simulation
• Total statistic calculation
• Pages error codes, sizes, load speed, …
• Images thumbnails, sizes, dimensions
• External links
• No HTML pages
• 404 pages
• 301 Moved pages
• And more