JJ Flex Photos released by JoomlaJunkie!

Published on Friday, 20 April 2007 00:00
Written by JoomlaJunkie
JJ Flex Photos - Loads of Features with built in color switcher, drop down custom login and lots more!
Product Description:

Dark, Bold and loaded with features, JJ Flex Photos is a flexi width highly versatile new template from JoomlaJunkie. To check it out in action, head over to the demo page to find out more.
JJ Flex Photos is a fluid width template that is designed to be extremely flexible in every possible area. Loads of new features have been added to this latest release from JoomlaJunkie, making this their most versatile work to date. Features such as, 21 module positions, browser options comprising of 4 colors and 3 various font sizes, a fully collapsible 3 module footer and header shelf, detailed typography styling as on the demo page will get you started. This is a full screen width template within which the content adjusts according to your screen resolution - anything from 800X600 and larger, but idealy this template is designed for the standard 1024X768 resolution.

As with all JoomlaJunkie's templates thus far, JJ Flex Photos is fully optimized for SEO, the 4 level Suckerfish menu allows you to deploy a SEO hungry website by creating a complex set of menu links for them to spider, as this is what they love the most. This also makes it a lot easier to manage the content on your website, with the ability to to really utilize the power of Joomla's sections and categories method of handling content.

As usual with what you have come to expect from JoomlaJunkie, JJ Flex Photos is CSS and XHTML compliant, CSS is detailed with descriptions and refined and also boasts a detailed typography and setup guide to get you started. Another large focus with JJ Flex Photos was to make it an "out of the box" template that is super easy to setup and configure. Tightly integrated code allows you to get up and running after install in around 5 minutes, depending on your Joomla experience of course.

We have paid some serious attention to detail on this template, with a full revamp on the Joomla! login module, making it 100% streamlined with the site. With all columns completely collapsible and also all shelves being able to open and close, JJ Flex Photos is so versatile that it is like have multiple templates in one depending on your layout.
Features Summary

* 21 Module Positions
* All modules Fully collapsible
* Full width page template, adjusts to screen resolution
* Built in 4 Level Suckerfish Menu
* CSS and XHTML Validated
* Refined CSS
* Browse options of 4 colors
* Accessibility options of 3 font sizes
* Detailed typography, install and tips guide
* Footer and Header shelf with 3 module positions
* User option to close shelves
* Full revamp and custom Login box
* Detailed Styling on contact form and search results
* SEO optimized
* Out of Box install
* Fireworks source included