'corePHP' Template Helper: Typography & Joomla! Styles

Published on Wednesday, 02 May 2007 00:00
Written by Steven Pignataro

Template Helper: Typography & Joomla Styles
Here at 'corePHP' we realize that as professional template makers, one thing that we are always paranoid about is missing a style in our CSS. What if someone uses a tag that is rarely used? How will all the styles look? We came up with the idea of having every style on one page for a quick visual representation of how everything is styled and present it to you now. We have broken this package into two pieces. One is all the typography tags that we could think of in one file and the other is every known default Joomla! style with a quick definition to help you know where it’s used and each with an example. We guarantee this will become a staple of your template making tools.

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