New Photoshop download section

Published on Tuesday, 06 January 2004 00:00
Written by MamboHut

A new download section has been added for the template’s PSD files used to create the template, this will give you a greater flexibility in modifying the template to have a template that somehow unique, but I suggest that you add a link back to the original designer website or state the original template used for modification, so the proper credits are giving to the original author,  so I ask every template designer to submit their own files using the upload link or to point me to the location of the files and I‘ll take care of the rest, the success of this section will only depends on your willingness to share your work with the rest of the community, the naming convention I used for the downloaded file is the (template name_psd).


Also added to the templates section 12 more Mambo 4.5 ready templates to have a total of 40 templates, more to come soon…