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Creating a quick and easy Mambo component

Mambo Components TutorialThis is the quick component tutorial that goes with the module tutorial. This will insert "Hello World" into the database. It will also allow you to edit it, or add new messages as you see fit. This tutorial will not cover setting up categories, the search function, or page navagation. This tutorial does assume you have a very basic grasp of php.

When creating components, there are many files involved.

hello_world.xml - Component installer file
hello_world.php - Will display any frontend information.
admin.hello_world.php - Does database queries and sets up the HTML output
admin.hello_world.html.php - Handles all output.
class.hello_world.php - The database class file.
install.hello_world.php - The installer file.
uninstall.hello_world.php - The uninstall file.
toolbar.hello_world.php - Sets up the toolbar.
toolbar.hello_world.html.php - Handles the toolbar output.


Now that we know what all of the files are going to be, let's take a file by file look at how they function.


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