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What is is
a community driven site and the first and largest templates showcase for Mambo and Joomla content management system. We have been supporting Mambo/Joomla users since 2003, we have contributed a good deal of time in helping our community members, we created components, modules and templates, we wrote tutorials, articles and news for the community.

How to join the hut team?

We always seek people who are Mambo/Joomla addicts to join our team, people who like to give back to the community by sharing their knowledge and skills, we look for people who can write articles, tutorials and news.

Some of the responsibility when joining the hut team includes:

- Keep up to date with the latest news about Mambo/Joomla in general and Templates in particular and all related topics (web design, graphics design, HTML, CSS, etc…)
- Approve news and links submissions
- Assist others in the forum.
- Keep the download section and gallery up to date with new releases

Send your inquiry using our contact form including the following information:

- Full Name
- Forum Username
- Location
- Skills
- Current website (if any)
- Occupation
- Gender
- Age

Please Note:

- Age and gender are collected for informational purposes only. It doesn’t affect your opportunity of joining the team.
- All information collected is for internal use only and will not be sold to any third party organization.
- Selected candidates will be contacted with 2 weeks from the date of their inquiry.

Is there any qualification for joining the team?

Although we welcome everyone to the team we prefer members with a minimum level of knowledge in order to be useful to the team and to others, some of these qualifications are:

- Good English writing skills
- Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Graphics Design, PHP and MySQL
- Basic experience with Mambo/Joomla administration, both front-end and backend.

What is the benefit of joining the hut team?

- You’ll become a member of a fast growing Mambo/Joomla community based website
- You’ll receive a nice hosting package for your own website ($10/month value) 200 MB space 10000 MB Bandwidth 1 Domain 5 Sub-domains 5 MySQL 20 E-mails cPanel 10
- You’ll receive a gift of appreciation from time to time depending on your performance.
- You’ll also be involved in fully paid projects that match your skill set.

How to submit a Joomla link?

1.    Login to
2.    Browse to the Joomla Links directory of your choice.
3.    Click on “Add your listing here”
4.    Fill out the form and hit “Submit”
5.    Wait a couple of days for approval

How to submit a template?

Submitting a template is easy, login and you will see an option in the menu on the left column to "Submit Template".  Click on that and fill in the details. Within a couple of days your template will be posted, and available for download.   We are no longer accepting templates attached to an email message.

Why my template did not get published?

We try to get all of the templates published in a timely manner, however sometimes we get a template that does not install correctly, or does not look like the template thumbnail, for example, the header is missing.  In those cases, we will not publish the template.

If you have submitted a template, that did not get posted, take a look at it and make sure all of the images are in the zip file, are in the same case as in the xml file, and that the xml file is correct.  Then please resubmit the template.

Do you offer advertising and for how mush?

Yes, advertising is our only source of funding. Please visit our web services website for pricing and to sign up (

Why do you offer advertising?

To pay for hosting expenses and for other administration expenses

How to contact you?

We can be found at the Templates/Design section of the forum (, this is the official forum for visitors, if you have a specific/personal/administrative type of question that you can’t find an answer for in the FAQ section or it is not appropriate to discuss at the forum, feel free to contact us.

For Mambo/Joomla related services, please visit our Mambo/Joomla services website @ to submit your inquiry. We don’t provide any services or sell any product on We are a community driven site.

What is the guidelines for submitting news:

- All articles should be written in the third person. Don’t say "we released a new template" instead "mambohut release a new template".
- News submitted must include full details about your product or service and what the reader would expect when visiting your site.
- News introduction text is limited to three short paragraphs. The main text can be up to 3 pages long.
- All links should open in a new window, Only actual urls must be hyperlinked text
- Include a URL to images included in your news or include the images in your HTML code (right aligned). Images will be downloaded and resized to a maximum width of 120px
- Do not include pricing of your product or service or phrases like "Buy Here" or Buy Now", we don't allow direct advertising in our news articles.

** Following the above instruction will greatly speed up the publishing of your news

Can I submit news in HTML?

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