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'corePHP' LCD (Least Common Denominator) Image Replacement Bot

Anybody that does CSS designs will tell you that the most sought after piece of code is a perfect image replacement method. Unfortunately, we have come to realize that it will probably never be possible, and if it is it would probably be a LOT of code for each image. This got us thinking that since a perfect method isn’t possible, what could be done that would reduce the number of people who can’t see the replaced text to the absolute smallest amount? The 'corePHP' LCD Image Replacement Bot of course!

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Feature list for LCD:

  • Extremely lightweight bot that allows you to replace text in your site with a css image.

  • Works with everyone except those with images off/javascript off.

  • Style your pages separately for perfect display with images off.

  • Easy installation and use.

  • Includes our popular script for a unique ID on each page so that you can customize each page separately.

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