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New File Sharing options in Joomla 1.0.x

Imagine you worked all week on a report for presentation to an important client tomorrow morning. At the end of the day you congratulate yourself and save the report files to your computer's hard drive.

The next morning you arrive at work only to find your worst nightmare coming true - your computer won't boot and you can't get the files. Your boss starts breathing down your neck to produce the report because the client arrives in five minutes. What will you do?

Use your personal space in your favorite Joomla site. How? Briefcase Factory for Joomla to the rescue! With lightning-like speed you jump onto a colleague's computer and pull up your personal hard drive on your community website. Log onto your account with a unique user name and password and bingo, your files come up on the screen.

Remote file backups Everyone knows they should back up their files, but most people keep their computer and backup files in the same place.

Ever wonder what would happen if your computer and your backup files get destroyed by fire, flood or theft? Large corporations spend big money to keep their files archived on remote servers "just in case". Now you can do the same thing with your vital files at no cost.

File sharing between users

Do you enjoy waiting for huge files to upload or download through your e-mail program? Nobody does! Don't tie up the e-mail servers with file downloads, use Joomla's Briefcase Add-on to share files with other users. Simply upload your files to your briefcase and then email your friend a message with a link and instructions to download the file. Briefcase Component even lets you share with the whole Public. So even non site members can download. Best for sharing with your friends and colleagues that have less knowledge of the internet. Just send them the link and they will download it to their local computer.

Digital Family Photos

Another great use for the service involves sharing digital pictures over the web. As those file sizes grow with enhancements in digital photography, having a password protected spot online from which to share the virtual family photo album comes in very handy.

In case you are at a loss as to what type of large files you may want to share:

  • Job files

  • Fonts

  • Resumes

  • Image files

  • Files you want to 'transport' from office to home (and vice-versa).

  • Use it to 'back-up' current projects.

  • Think up your own reason - I'm out of ideas.

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