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Joogle Module Released

The J! Factory are pleased to announce the release of a companion module for Joogle. The module provides a Search form for the Joogle component. Its completely tableless and easily configured via Module parameters in Joomla! Admin.

Joogle provides a fully Joomla! integrated Google search that is completely rendered as Joomla! content, hence it can be styled to your own site.


Joomla! MSN Released

Finally use MSN on schools / companys etc etc.

Joomla!MSN is a small and simple module that will give the full power of MSN, without having it installed on your computer. Just straight from your own joomla!/Mambo page.

You can see a live example and download it here [register required]
You can see a screenshot here Transmenu updates to Version 2.0

I am very appreciated when Joomla/Mambo community have shown such a strong interest in Transmenu so far. Therefore I  have been working hard for the release of Transmenu 2.0 today.

This updated version 2.0 is a stable version for both Joomla/Mambo and offers more options for Joomla/Mambo menus.

Visit for downloading and full  information

3 StopPress Module released

stoppressmodulesTemplatePlazza has released 3 modules for Joomla called StopPress Module for Content, Banner and Adsense.

These module will pop up a configurable DHTML Box containing Content/Banner/Google Ads when people visit your web. So you can use these module as announcement or advertisement purpose effectively.

Read more: 3 StopPress Module released

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