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New site review section -

Mambohut team is pleased to announce the opening of our new site review section, the new section is meant to showcase Mambo based sites that stand out from the crowd and to show you what can be done with Mambo and what tools were used to get the job done.

The first site we review today is, which is one of the most pleasant Mambo sites to see. we are planning to review a new Mambo site every week, so join our forum discussion and post your recommendation for the next review, read on for a complete interview with Leonard, the site’s designer/owner.

Site Designer/Owner Information:

Full Name:
Leonard Chan
Nikename: Leonard
Company: AURUM3
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Job: Project Manager and Creative Director
Site URL: &

Mambo - Power in simplicity

1. What is the nature of the site? What is it about?

AURUM3 is a web studio based in Brisbane, Australia and AURUM3 Movies is our sister site that is a source for the latest in movies and home entertainment. Both sites are created using Mambo CMS.

2. Tell us about your site/company

AURUM3 is an innovative web studio based in Brisbane, Australia. We specializes in web design and database driven websites for small to medium business, identity and print design. Our aim is to create, design, develop and maintain the best web sites using web standards and the latest technology. Deliver the final product on time and to budget. We do recognise the importance and the value of our clients.

3. Who are your audience?

AURUM3 Web Studio audience comprises of business clients, web designers and web developers. AURUM3 Movies attracts more than 400,000 visitors per month from different parts of the world. They are people who show an interests in movies.

4. What are the objectives for your site?

Beside the obvious reason of setting a web development business, one of the most important objective is to introduce web standards to my clients and to Mambo users.

5. What were the requirements you had for your site?

Two of the main requirements for my site is that it has to be on a CMS and it must be web standardised. Web standards are designed to future-proof documents published on the Web, to ensure those documents are accessible to more people and more types of Internet devices and to future-proof for the next generation of browsers and devices.

6. Why did you choose Mambo?

Mambo is a good open source CMS and it is free.

7. What are the Mambo applications (CMTs) you are using for your site?

We only use two third party components, Alias Manager and ArtBanners.

8. What integrations if any, have you made with Mambo?

We did custom made the menu system and comments area for AURUM3 Movies.

9. How long did it take for you to implement Mambo?

Less than 10 mins for a basic setup. Add another hour to modify Mambo core codes to output web standard codes. We are hoping that the next major release of Mambo will be full web standards compliant just like WordPress, TextPattern, etc.

10. What benefits have you gained from using Mambo?

More time to do other important things and large user and development community.

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