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Site Review - HarveyBrothers

Our site review this week is about HarveyBrothers Web-Media, a design company based out of Brisbane, Australia which provides design services focused on open source projects like Mambo.

Read on for a complete interview with Paul Harvey,
Designer and Manager of HarveyBrothers Web-Media!

Site Designer/Owner Information:

Full Name: Paul Harvey
Nikename: Harv's
Company: HarveyBrothers Web-Media
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Job: Graphic Designer / Manager
Site URL:

Mambo - Power in simplicity

1. What is the nature of the site? What is it about?

HarveyBrothers Web-Media is a design company based in Brisbane, Australia.
Our aim is to give the best value service to our clients, hence our focus on
open source products.

2. Tell us about your site/company

HarveyBrothers Web-Media was created to provide a complete range of services
to connect businesses to the internet. We take on the challenge of creating
innovative websites with dynamic interfaces, intelligent and intuitive
navigation. Websites that represent our clients vision and purpose, as well
as websites that instantly attract viewers.

The fact that I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese alloes me to converse
with a wide range of clients from all over the world.

3. Who are your audience?

Small to large businesses. Our aim is to have a solution to suit all types
of business and size.

4. What are the objectives for your site?

Represent what HarveyBrothers is all about. Value for money and great

5. What were the requirements you had for your site?

Reliable, accessible, easilly updateable. --- Future requirements --
accessibility compliance.

6. Why did you choose Mambo?

Reliable, accessible, easilly updateable, tested ( and approved) by

7. What are the Mambo applications you are using for your site?

404SEF and AKOforms. that's it. I generally try to keep things simple. All
of my templates are custom made.

8. What integrations if any, have you made with Mambo?


9. How long did it take for you to implement Mambo?

Generally, about 5 minutes to install.

10. What benefits have you gained from using Mambo?

Mainly, a professional product and exposure to a wide market.

11. Do you have a site people can visit to hire your Mambo services?

12. What feature(s) of ver 5.0 are you looking forward to the most and why?

I am pretty happy with it as is but would like to see it validate without
having to alter codes.

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