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Site Review -

ImageToday we review the fastest Mambo site, Porsche Brazil.

We conducted an interview with
Igor Dutra, the project manager of Extrabold, the company behind Porsche Brazil website, Igor explains how Porsche site was made and what was required to get the job done and who was involved.

Read on to learn more about this interesting site and interview.

Site Designer/Owner Information:

Full Name: Igor Dutra
Nikename: igordutra
Company: Extrabold
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Job: Project Manager
Site URL:

Mambo - Power in simplicity

1. What is the nature of the site? What is it about?

Porsche Brazil ( is the Brazilian website for the well-known german sport car company. Website shows the Porsche Philosophy: "Our very products convey the fact that emotion will always be a part of our vision. The starting point for Porsche is the delight of doing your own thing. As a company we face challenges head on"

2. Tell us about your site/company

Extrabold is a Brazilian company specialized in motorsports marketing, focused on career management, press office activities, visual identity projects and, of course, digital marketing. Extrabold's e-Business department is focused on website development and internet solutions. One of our goals is the highly know-how on Mambo and other Open Source solutions... Mostly Mambo projects is related to racing, competition and sports subjects, due to our customers profile as well as our content production.

3. Who are your audience?

Porsche Brazil has a wide range audience. There are:

  • Racing cars fans
  • Porsche owners
  • Enthusiastics
  • Press

4. What are the objectives for your site? List at least one.

As I mentioned before, mainly, we're bringing the Porsche Philosophy to everyone that visited Porsche Brazil website. We give them most accurate and complete information about car models, history, factories and motorsport. Despite all this information, we also provide some services like pre-owned cars, multimedia, postcards, FAQ, Brazilian Porsche resellers, etc. Porsche, seduces all the people and give the path to reach your own Porsche.

5. What were the requirements you had for your site?

Build a brand new website (the old one, has just a few static pages) using the new Porsche CI (Corporate Identity), based on a CMS to easy manage the whole content, keeping it on a low budget and a tight time frame (whole project in 3 months).

6. Why did you choose Mambo?

It's open source, it's quite easy to use and customize and community is great, giving us great support and feedback.

7. What are the Mambo applications

(components/modules/mambots/templates) you are using for your site? Components:

We have built custom templates, based on Porsche CI.


8. What integrations if any, have you made with Mambo?

  • Generated content page titles in GIF format
  • Multiple templates on Mambo 4.5
  • Changed Admin Language
  • Customized DocMan to handle Porsche Magazine files
  • Customized Zoom Gallery
  • Built a custom menu system
Pedro Gonçalves has built some custom components for Porsche Brazil: Matheus Mendes has made Simplenews component (, based on Porsche requirements for News management.


9. How long did it take for you to implement Mambo?

3 months, July thru September 2004.

10. What benefits have you gained from using Mambo?

  • No license fees
  • Easy and Fast learning
  • Most of the system is already built on Mambo, saving development time, once our deadline was highly tight
  • Scalability. It's always possible to add new features quite easily
  • Low budget

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