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Site Review:

We are back with more site reviews, Our site review this week is about an
online radio station website called, designed by a company based out of Toronto, ON which provides design services for Mambo/Joomla community.

Read on for a complete interview with
Penar Musaraj & Matty Kryemadhi from

Site Owner Information:

Full Name: Penar Musaraj & Matty Kryemadhi
Company: osskins   
Location: Toronto, ON
Job: Online radio station website
Site URL:
Mambo - Power in simplicity:
1. What is the nature of the site? What is it about?
The site is an Internet radio station. The website's goal is to create an interactive community of listeners, drawing in new site members and showing some of the best features of the station (shows, special programming, etc.). Some of the site elements are: user song requests, integration with the audio broadcast software (showing 'what's playing' on the front page, user forum, e-commerce (amazon shop), etc.

2. Tell us about your site/company

Radio Ezeta is a new organization. It's goal is to create an Albanian community of listeners and broadcasters. At the time, we have broadcasters from Europe, Canada and the United States.
3. Who are your audience?
Our audience is mainly Albanians all over the world, between the ages of 10-40.

4. What are the objectives for your site? List at least one.
Some of the objectives are: draw in new listeners, maintain a good member base, offer users easy access to the radio station's programming and services.

5. What were the requirements you had for your site?
A major requirement: integration with the audio broadcasting software (Shoutcast). Also, an advanced user management system that could be integrated wit a forum was essential. But we also needed many people to easily update content in the site.
6. Why did you choose Mambo/Joomla?
One word: flexibility. We found that Mambo/Joomla was a lot more flexible to our needs. I.e. we needed a snazzy front page with three columns, but inside pages needed to be only 2 columns. A little PHP has Mambo/Joomla flying on both account. Similarly, we needed a way to integrate our vast playlist into the system. In all aspects, Mambo/Joomla delivered.

7. What are the Mambo/Joomla applications you are using for your site?
ArtBanners (multiple instances - very useful for both internal and external ads), simpleboard forum (just the right balance of features vs. usability), Awesom! (to sell Amazon products), AkoForms, Admin Copy Module.

8. What integrations if any, have you made with Mambo/joomla?

We've only used a little bit of php to integrate broadcasting information (currently playing, playlists). We chose Mambo/Joomla because we knew that there would be very little ened for custom scripts
9. How long did it take for you to implement Mambo/joomla?
About 2 weeks, partly because we had multiple projects lined up. Our usual turnaround time is a week.

10. What benefits have you gained from using Mambo/joomla?

Oh, so many: easy user management, e-commerce solutions, design flexibility, ability to put a little personal touch to a site.
11. Do you have a site people can visit to hire your Mambo/joomla services?
Yes. It's and we have a wide variety of services to offer to Mambo/Joomla community members. We offer CSS-based templates and custom design services. We're a two-person team, therefore we're small but very efficient. We do work for several clients in different areas of design (web design, e-commerce, graphic design, branding). The full URL is

12. What feature(s) of the next release of Joomla/Mambo are you looking forward to the most and why?

Two levels of administration (simple and advanced, very useful for not-so-tech-savvy clients)...and maybe a competely tableless design? That would be sweet.

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