'corePHP' Presents: Dreamweaver Snippet Collection: Advanced CSS & Accessibility & DW Penguin Pack

Published on Thursday, 01 March 2007 00:00
Written by Steven Pignataro

*Now shipping in a combo pack - 'corePHP' Dreamweaver Snippet Penguin Package


Learn how to have incredible functionality for your Joomla! templates in Dreamweaver!

We've all been there. A client is saying that their site needs
something added to it that you have no idea how to do, so you spend
hours (if not days) looking for a way to do it. There is nothing more
frustrating (both to you and to the client!) We've collected all the
special PHP codes that has gotten us out of trouble and put them into
the Advanced PHP Joomla! Template Dreamweaver Snippet Collection. We
guarantee at least one of these will save the day for you at some
point. I know they have for us!

Move To The Next Level of Making Joomla! Templates!

php_dreamweaver_snippets.gifYour Joomla! templates will never be the same after using the new Advanced PHP Joomla! Template Dreamweaver Snippet Collection
. We've taken all the advanced PHP coding we've found or created over
the last few years and made it available to you. We guarantee there is
something here for everyone at any skill level. Take your template
skills to a new level with a simple click of a widget.


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Using this set of Snippets will literally drop your template making time from
hours to minutes. Take yourself to the next level of Joomla! template design
with this powerful collection of snippets. It's
all at your fingertips with the Advanced PHP Joomla! Template Dreamweaver Snippets