Template tutorials for Mambo Open Source

Published on Saturday, 24 January 2004 00:00
Written by MamboHut

Added to the download section today two of the best easy to follow step by step template tutorials for MOS beginners. the tutorials show you how to create your own template to work with MOS 4.5, those tutorials were written a few month before MOS 4.5 becomes stable, so you may find some outdated information but they are still very helpful to start your templating journey with.

Also added a new CSS guide for those who like to modify their template CSS file, it includes a description of every class used by MOS 4.5, the guide is still work in progress, we only made this available now for those who can't wait any longer. This guide is a good reference for new as well as experienced users, make sure to grab your copy from the download section.


Marco Ryan