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'corePHP' Presents: "IE Double Page Load & Hover Flicker Fix PLUS Speed Loader"

IE Double Page Load & Hover Flicker Fix PLUS Speed Loader

'corePHP' presents one of the finest products of the year for Joomla! and Mambo. The "IE Double Page Load & Hover Flicker Fix PLUS Speed Loader" is a highly compatible bot that will increase your site load to its maximum potential. This bot also fixes two major IE issues that most users come across with IE.

IE Double Page Load:

The IE Double Page Load issue is caused by an IE error where IE does not properly cache the site. If you have a large CSS or multiple CSS files in your site it will load all the images, then reloads them again from the CSS. This is the cause for these sites to load twice in Internet Explorer. With this bot, it takes the double loading out of the equation and properly loads your site...once.

IE Hover Flicker Issue:

If your users don't have their cache setting to Automatic it can cause IE Flicker issues on CSS image hovers in your site. This bot resolves this issue and applies a fix so that this will not happen.

Speed Loader:

This bot just doesn't come with just fixes for IE - it will increases the speed to your site. Want to be the fastest on the net? Then you have chosen the right bot. This bot will dramatically increase your site load time.

More Information/Purchase Info:

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  • Resolves IE CSS Images Hover Flicker Issues

  • Resolves IE Double Load Issues

  • Optimized for search engines

  • XHTML Compliant

  • Super Speed Loader - increases the page load on your site

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