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Dreamweaver Snippet Collection: Advanced CSS & Accessibility

Move To The Next Level of Making Joomla! Templates!

Dreamweaver Snippets Collection: Template Basics'corePHP' brings yet again another powerful utility for Joomla! and Dreamweaver. Learn
how to gain more control of your templates and offer a new level of accessibility
to your customers with the Advanced CSS & Accessibility Dreamweaver Snippet Collection.
We guarantee there is something here for someone to learn at every skill level.
We offer our deepest secrets of CSS template design and make it all available
to you within your own templates with a simple click of a widget.

More Information/Purchase Info:

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  • Accesskey menu with anchor

  • Content Jump Menu with anchor

  • Navigation Jump Menu with anchor

  • Page end Jump Menu


  • Proper Clearfix

  • Advanced CSS media handling

  • HTML reset

  • IE Min-Max conditional statement

  • IE PNG transparencies

  • IE table within tableless fix


  • Conditional div class for multiple modules

  • CSS member ID when logged in

  • Advanced head code with graceful degrading for old browsers.

  • Insert external javascript

  • Styled HR tag

  • Unique CSS page ID's

  • Min-max javascript for IE

Using this set of Snippets will literally drop your template making time from hours to minutes. Take yourself to the next level of Joomla! template design with this powerful collection of snippets. It's all at your fingertips with the Advanced CSS & Accessibility Dreamwever Snippets Collection.

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