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D4J releases 2 club and 1 free professional Joomla templates

D4J is proud to announce the born of 3 Joomla templates, 2 available for download for member of D4J Joomla Templates Club and 1 available freely for everybody. While difference in availability, all of these 3 templates are high-quality, professional and ready-to-run. Let's take a closer look to D4J's latest 3 stars: Joomlalizing your site with D4J's latest 2 club and 1 free professional Joomla templates

Carbonated - The third Joomla template of D4J Templates Club Carbonated is a modern design added to D4J Joomla! Templates Club. It features an astonishing 17 module positions all of which are fully collapsible to provide the most creative layouts imaginable. Other great feature is D4J drop-down menu which is added in this template. Carbonates also has the ability to be used in either a narrow or wide fixed width as well as a fluid width provides even more options. It also has accessibility functions to adjust width and font size. Read full details.

The second club template of April 2007 is Prozac Afternoon. This template is simple and usable design, smart use of color, and less use of graphics. The template provides a lot of built-in content style which allow you to create outstanding content as well as impress your users with flexible use of 07 collapsible module positions. Read full details. Prozac Afternoon - The second Joomla template of D4J Templates Club

Funky Cool Blue - Latest free Joomla templates from D4J And finally, the lucky star for people still not a member of D4J Joomla Templates Club is Funky Cool Blue, a bright color and well-organized layout template. Just need to download it and you are ready to impress your site's visitor.

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