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JJ Absolute Redux released by Joomla junkie!

Due to the great response and popularity of the JJ absolute template, JoomlaJunkie have taken the base template and incorporated a compilation of new features - this new uber-version comes in 5 color variations and has some rather unique javascript features as well which are completely built into the template. Absolute Redux comes with dynamic front-end controls allowing the user to have powerful control over the front-end of the site, these options are completely customizeable from the back-end and can even be completely disabled if you like. All front-end controls can be enabled or disabled from the back-end and are also pre-loaded so they take no time to load. Dynamic front-end options included are: the 5 Color Options (Blue, Green, Red, Orange or Pink), Font Sizer (Normal, Large or Xtra Large), Sidebar Switch (Left or Right), 800px to 1000px Width Resize, Turn sIFR on or off dynamically. Also built into the front-end controls is a custom help module, allowing users to understand the various control options and how to use them.

So what else is new? Well, this time round JoomlaJunkie has added in a 3 level suckerfish menu system and a livesearch feature. Both of these are styled and built completely into the template so there are no modules to configure or install at all. Due to the increasing popularity of sIFR fonts on CMS sites, JoomlaJunkie has added a buit in sIFR feature - allowing you to have flash-type fonts for headings and other typography areas of the template - this can be set to any heading or text-type area of the website. Next up we have ThickBox3 - allowing for some classic image viewing and framing techniques giving a unique style to your site.

As for the usual high quality specifications from JoomlaJunkie - Absolute Redux is fully XHTML and CSS Validated and Compliant, optomised for SEO, CSS if fully described and detailed, and has been tested in Firefox 1.5 / 2.0, IE 6 / 7, Opera, Safari and Flock. More details have been added to the website typography, sidebars and user modules are fully collapsible and the usual Special attention has been given to the Login, Polls Modules and Contact Page.

Features Summary
Dynamic Frontend Controls (to infinity and beyond).
5 Color Options (Blue, Green, Red, Orange or Pink)
Font Sizer (Normal, Large or Xtra Large)
Sidebar Switch (Left or Right)
800px to 1000px Width Resize
Turn sIFR on or off dynamically
Option to Show / Hide Frontend Controls
Frontend Controls Custom Help
Built in Suckerfish Menu - No modules to install and configure.
Now also has child menu indicators.
Built in LiveSearch - Also no modules needed.
sIFR - Advanced Typography.
Template Recoded / Reworked to work out of the box on standard Joomla install.
Comprehensive Template Guide.
Fonts included and SEO optimized
More Goodies added to the Typography / Style Guide.
Special attention to the Login, Polls Modules and Contact Page.
Collapsible Sidebar, user1 & user2 modules for optimal space when needed.
Semantic Markup / Seperation of Presentation and Content.
Fireworks Source file redone from scratch, CSS and Javascript recoded and refined.
Tested in Firefox 1.5 / 2.0, IE 6 / 7, Opera, Safari and Flock.
Fully XHTML and CSS Validated and Compliant.

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