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JJ Rasper and JJ Flex Photos Lite released by JoomlaJunkie!

First up is a light version of JJ Flex Photos - exactly the same as JJ Flex Photos, only a light version of this great template - this can be seen in action at We also have JJ Rasper, featuring bold pastels and vivid modern art-deco colors and style, has been released by JoomlaJunkie. JJ Rasper is a left column with top shelf layout, features 10 Modules Positions and the usual style you would expect from JoomlaJunkie. Packed into this template are the usual quality JoomlaJunkie features and sharp attention to detail, such as a more detailed contact page and login module with custom icons, also template based typography and both a collapsible left column and top shelf.

What makes JJ Rasper different from the rest is the top shelf (Showcase) area. This area has been designed for a animation module, such as an animated image rotator module, with a user module to the left for a custom description or module (such as the polls module). Lost of vibrant color has been packed into JJ Rasper, with solid defined styling and strong layout creating a confident web presence template. As usual JJ Rasper boasts complete XHTML and CSS compliance, with commented and detailed CSS files should you wish to alter the template even more.

Template Features:
MootoolsFX Sidebar Menu
10 Module Positions
Custom Showcase Top Shelf Module
All modules Fully collapsible
CSS & XHTML compliant
Refined CSS
Detailed typography, install and tips guide
Header image shelf with 2 module positions
Detailed Styling on contact form and search results
SEO optimized
Out of Box install
Fireworks source included

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