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100 Templates are available for download and 110 for preview

ImageWe are happy to announce the addition of the 100th template to our templates download section today; it was a lot of work to catch up with all the new releases everyday this month.

We added 3 more templates today, MamboDefault, one of my favoraites for Mambo 4.0.1 which was ported to Mambo 4.5 by Abslom Media as well as Mambosimple.

We also added The Simpsons template by Josh Mandeville of, a variable width template based on the popular TV series.

If you wondering why the number of templates in the templates demo site is larger than the number in the download section, It‘s because the license those templates were released under don’t allow distribution unless explicitly stated otherwise by the author however those templates are available directly from the author website.

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