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Mambo Quick Start Guide

Appendix A – Installing a Template


If you are setting up Mambo yourself, one of the first things you will need to do (after installing Mambo itself), is to decide on a template for your site. There are many free templates available for Mambo, and installing and applying a new template is quite straightforward.


Mambo templates are usually supplied in the form of a .zip file – which is like a compressed folder containing the information needed to recreate several files. To install a new template, save the zip file on your computer – somewhere where you can find it easily. Then access the template installer through the ‘site’ menu, as shown in figure a.


Figure A – Accessing the Template Installer



Then, just point to the zip file, and click on ‘Upload File & Install’ to install the template, as shown in figure b.


Note: Installing a template does not automatically apply that template to your website; it just makes it available to you. You can install many different templates if you like, and you can even specify a different template to each menu item if you want. There is even the possibility of allowing the end user to choose the template for themselves, from a choice of those that you have installed (by using the ‘template chooser’ module – although this is beyond the scope of this guide).


Figure B – Uploading and Installing a Template Package



In order to apply a template to your website, you need to access the template manager. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Back to Templates’ link at the top right of the screen shown in figure b, or through the ‘site’ menu as shown in figure c.


Figure C – Accessing the Template Manager


In the template manager, you can select a template to apply to the entire website, or to a particular menu option – as shown in figure d.


Figure D – Applying a Template



If you choose to assign the template to a particular menu option, you will be presented with a list of menu options to choose from when you click on the ‘Assign’ toolbar button. Select the page you want, and click on ‘Save’ to apply the template to that page only. When you select default, a green tick will appear next to the selected template, and any pages which have not been assigned their own template will use the selected one.

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