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Logging in to Mambo


To access your Mambo administration control panel, use your website address (or the full address of the folder in which you have installed Mambo) followed by ‘/administrator’. For example, if your website address is, to access Mambo you would normally type: This brings you to the Mambo login page, which looks like this:


Figure 1 – Mambo Administration Login Screen.


Note: It is possible to apply a template to the administration program as well as to the website itself. If someone else has installed Mambo for you, they may have changed the way the screens look – so the screenshots shown in this document might not look identical to your system. Even if this is the case though, the functions illustrated should still be available to you, and the general principles of how the system works will be the same.


Type in your user name and password, and either press the ‘enter’ key or click on ‘Login’ to enter the Mambo Administration home page. The home page gives you easy access to all of Mambo’s functions. You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the ‘Home’ menu option in the top left corner (see Figure 2).


Figure 2 – Mambo Administration Home Page.


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