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Appendix B – Activating Tiny MCE


When you first install Mambo, the Tiny MCE HTML editor will already be installed, but you cannot use it until you make it the active editor. It is also a good idea to set the editor to ‘advanced mode’ – because this will give you more options for formatting your text.


To activate Tiny MCE, select ‘Site Mambots’ from the ‘Mambots’ menu – see figure A. This will take you to the ‘Mambot Manager’ (figure B).


Figure A – Accessing the Mambot Manager



‘Mambot’ is short for ‘Mambo Robot’ – it is the term used to describe any program which intercepts Mambo as it tries to output something on the screen. In the case of Tiny MCE, the mambot inserts the javascript code for the HTML editor into the page that Mambo produces.


Strange as it may seem, there is a ‘No WYSIWYG Editor’ mambot listed, and this by default is the published editor. In order to activate Tiny MCE, you have to ‘unpublish’ the ‘No WYSIWYG Editor’ mambot, and publish the Tiny MCE mambot.



Figure B – The Mambot Manager



To set the editor into ‘advanced mode’, click on the link for the editor on the ‘Mambot Manager’ list, then select ‘Advanced’ from the ‘Functionality’ dropdown box on the right hand side of the screen (under ‘Parameters’). Click on the ‘Save’ toolbar button, and you’re done – see figure C.


Figure C – The Mambot Editor

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