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Mambo Quick Start Guide

Creating an Item


The next thing to do is to create an item – that is, an article of content that fits into one of your categories. To do this, you can either go to a section via the ‘Content by Section’ option in the ‘Content’ menu (which will then take you to a list of all items in that section – you can filter down further by category if you wish), or simply click on the ‘All Content Items’ icon on the home page or in the ‘Content’ menu (which will take you to a list of all items in all sections – you can then filter down further by section and/or category if you wish).


Figure 8 – Accessing the Item List



To avoid confusion, it is recommended that you use the ‘Content by Section’ menu system to access your items most of the time – it will then be clearer which items you are looking at, especially when you have a lot of items. The item list appears as shown in figure 9 (note: if you access the list via the ‘All Content Items’ icon, you will have an additional drop-down list available to filter down to a particular section).


Figure 9 – The Item List




When creating or editing items, you have a few more options available to you than for sections and categories. As you can see in figure 10, the item editor contains two HTML editors. This allows you to break up your content into two parts if you wish: an introduction, and the main article. Splitting up your content in this way enables you to present all of the items in a particular category in the style of a ‘Blog’ or journal.


A Blog (short for ‘weblog’) is an increasingly popular way of presenting information or articles that are updated on a regular basis – for example news or press releases. Instead of a simple list of links to the different articles, you present a title and an opening paragraph or two along with a link to the full article. This helps your website’s visitors to scan through the articles on offer and select the one they want to read. The opening paragraph can be the first paragraph of the article, or a summary of what the article is about – a teaser, to encourage the user to click on the link to the main article.


If you don’t want to use the blog method, you can just enter all of your content in the first HTML editor, and leave the second one blank.


Figure 10 – The Item Editor


The tabbed dialog box on the right provides extra options for controlling this content item. Figures 11 to 14 explain the first four tabs. The final tab will be explained in the next section (Building a Menu – figure 15).


Figure 11 – Item Editor: Publishing Tab


Figure 12 – Item Editor: Images Tab


When you want to use one of the images in your content, use the special ‘mosimage’ button at the bottom left of the HTML Editor (see figure 6). This will just insert the text into your content – is a placeholder which instructs Mambo to insert the next image in the list of content images at that location. The image won’t be visible in your content until you preview the website.


You can use as many times as you like: each time the placeholder is encountered, Mambo will just take the next image on the list – so make sure the images in the list are in the correct order by using the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons. If you have read appendix B below, or Netshine Software’s Mambo Glossary, you might recognise that mosimage is an example of a ‘mambot’.


Note: You can also use the ‘Media Manager’ to upload and organise images into folders if you wish. The ‘Sub-Folder’ dropdown box at the top of the images tab allows you to ‘drill-down’ into the folder you require.


Figure 13 – Item Editor: Parameters Tab


Many of the settings on the parameters tab can be set at a global level (by selecting the ‘Global Configuration’ icon on the home page), but they are also presented here so that you can override the global settings for this particular item if you wish. Version 4.5.2 has added a couple of extra options to this tab, but they are not very important at this stage.


Figure 14 – Item Editor: Meta Info Tab


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